The Black Mamba arrived

One word before I go into detail: Wohoooooooooooo!!!!!! 😀

Ok, enough excitement for now but I have to share my excitement. I got my road bike today and with this I accomplished the next step for becoming a Triathlete.

It all started during my christmas holidays  in my home city where I had a nice evening with friends who are a triathletes since 2-3 years. When they asked about my plans for 2015 I explained that I want to do a sprint and maybe an olympic distance triathlon. And the plan was to do this with my cross bike. „You don’t want to do an olympic distance triathlon with your cross bike“ was the answer I got. I could do it but it wouldn’t be so much fun and I would loose too much time to do it with my normal bike for 40k. So I went to a race bike shop they recommended, had a look at their offers, talked to the shop owner about what I was looking for. And there it happened. I fell in love and saw my future bike – an Isaac Kaon. But I was still not sure if I really want to spend a lot of money before finishing a first triathlon.

Back in Berlin I called the shop in my home city and ordered the bike and that I would like to pick it up in March. There we go and today was the big day. I got the sexy bike and had a wonderful and exciting day.

black_mambaSome details about the bike:

  • Frame: Isaac Kaon (2014)
  • Shimano 105 gear kit
  • Shimano Ultegra brakes
  • Shimano PD-A520 pedals
  • Shimano RS 11 wheels
  • Shimano Pro Synop Tri Athlone Aerobar
  • Fi:zi:k Vitesse Tri K:ium Saddle
  • Lake MX217 Shoes

From now on the name for this sexy bike will be: Black Mamba

Ok, so I have a road bike and I have to learn how to use it properly and these click pedals will be my next challenge. 1.5 months until our first super sprint triathlon and I don’t want to do any experiments before the half marathon next weekend. But after this Sarah and I will do our first ride together. Looking forward to it and we will keep you updated. 😀

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