Preparation for the 1st Triathlon

To be honest: I am excited, anxious, curious, nervous and I could name 100 more words for the emotional rollercoaster which I think every Newbie-Triathlete is „sitting“ in.

On the other hand: I am ready. Finn, the Black Mamba, is ready for the first race and so am I! 😀

Sarah and I created a checklist and it was the best idea to do it last week and not today. We would have missed something. This list is as long as a packing list for a holiday it seems and includes entries like trisuit and racebelt but also some things to do before the race day, e.g. tire check and nutrition.

At this point I checked this list 3 times and the bag is full of items I have to take with me.

Seriously, why am I soooo nervous. This is just a small Triathlon with 300m in a pool, 10km per bike and a short 2km run afterwards. It is „just“ the preview for the first Sprint Triathlon in June, but … it is the 1st one!!! I was nervous before my first run last year and the same happened for the first 1,5k swim in open water. But this now seems to be 3 times worse because of 3 different sports.

But there are also thoughts about how far I have come, how much I trained and that I am looking forward to become a triathlete. And tomorrow is the day where several weeks and month of training and preparation will come together: It’s Race Day!!!

I am ready so let’s jump into the water and push it: Swim, bike, run and never give up!


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