Oh, the bike excitement!

Where to start… I have this bike and I love it. It is bright green, heavy and ohhh so comfortable. When I bought it a few years ago, I thought myself crazy for spending roughly 200 Euros on this. But I loved it and that was worth every Cent.

My comfy green grandma bike.

My comfy green grandma bike.

Now the thing about races in triathlons is – apparently – that I cannot actually race with my comfy grandma bike. They seriously won’t let me.

So… I think I actually have to get a road bike. Me. A road bike. I’m a Klutz. I’m so clumsy, I shouldn’t even own a fast bike. And I shouldn’t own an expensive bike either. But road bikes are exactly that: fast and expensive.

I’ve now been thinking about getting an actual race bike since our decision go for triathlon last October. And I decided to take the next step.

So last Saturday, I took Daniii and our triathlon rookie task force to a recommended triathlon shop to try out some bikes. And come as it must – I fell in love. I went back to the shop on Monday to purchase a Cannondale CAAD 8 – not in my signature green this time – but in black and white. I am so incredibly excited. I can’t wait for the triathlon shop to call me so I can get fitted and hit the road (not literally, hopefully). And my comfy green grandma bike will get a rest from time to time.

Much bike, so excitement. 

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