The emotional rollercoaster called swim training

I have registered for a bunch of triathlons without ever having completed a single freestyle stroke. “Just take a class”, I thought to myself when I clicked ‘ok’ to complete my first registration.

2015-01-13 19.10.50

And take a class I did. So far, it has been an emotional rollercoaster. You wouldn’t believe the elevation I felt when I managed to freestyle the first 25 meters. Man, was I proud. I couldn’t stop. After the actual class was over, I went over to the kids’ pool (the regular laps were too busy for my taste) and kept swimming, swimming, swimming. I felt sooooo good and I was sure I would have a good time swimming in my first triathlon.

Until I tried again in the next swim session. I had considered this to be easy? I must have been mad. In that class, I swallowed half the pool. And in the next one too.

Right now, I have no idea whether I’ll be able to push through 300 meters of freestyle in my first triathlon in May. But there’s always breast stroke to fall back on.

2015-03-03 19.11.15

Oh – and I booked another two beginners’ swim classes.

Ein Gedanke zu “The emotional rollercoaster called swim training

  1. Good on you for getting into a class. It is the quickest way to improvement. You will be able to swim the 300 in May no problem. Stick with it for a little longer and the stroke will just click together, and you will be able to swim much further. Best of luck.

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