Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming… but how?

So we’re doing this… we have planned our first 3 triathlons this year, including an olympic distance. Great! Awesome! But wait… for a triathlon, you need to SWIM, bike and run? Well, in this case I should better get going and learn how to properly swim freestyle.

During my elementary school years I have – of course – learned how to swim, got the basics, Seepferdchen, Freischwimmer, I had it all. 20 years later though, I have to admit that proper swimming has not been on my agenda since.

So in order to prevent myself from the humiliation of actually breast stroking my way to T1 in our first Tri, I signed up for a freestyle class. The first one took place last Tuesday and I heroically put on my brand-new low budget swimsuit, cap and goggles to meet up with 15 other alien-lookalikes and our coach, Dirk. I had already seen myself soaring effortlessly through the water… but no such thing happened. During my first lesson I only made attempts at a proper leg kick. A baby-step for humankind, but a huge step for me. I have to say: I truly loved it. And I am very much looking forward to the next session, who knows, maybe I’ll even learn how to use my arms!

Needless to say that it’s still a long way for me to be fit for the swim portion of triathlon, but I’m looking forward to the journey.

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