Get back on track!

There are some blog posts in the pipeline, e.g. our team marathon, running in Manhatten or our plans for 2015. But for these posts we need a bit more time and you all know that Christmas is coming so soon. 🙂

I am a motivator and sometimes called the drill sergant who is preaching „there is no excuse“. But to be honest, I preach it so that I can hear it and that I have no excuse as well.

Since 2 weeks I did almost no sport and today I was in the pool and did some videos for improving my technique together with some friends. And guess what, it was fun! 😀

And tonight I found this nice article to get back on track which I want to share with you.

So, put your shoes on, get your bike ready or have your swim short/suit in your bag. No excuse and get back on track! With this you are prepared for the calories which you want to enjoy at Christmas.

Have a merry Christmas and happy Holidays! 🙂

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