A Historic Run

The blog is online! And we start right ahead with a historic run we did on Saturday. 25 years ago the wall which separated Berlin (east & west) „fell“ down. For 3 days the former wall was illuminated with white balloons as you can see below.



It was a nice run but more like a fun event than serious workout. Too many people were walking with us and we couldn’t run the whole time due to the crowd. We started at Bornholmer Straße and after about 7km did we reach the river Spree.

River Spree with balloons

River Spree with balloons

We passed another famous building, the Reichstag, several minutes later and from this point on we couldn’t think of running for about 2km. We enjoyed the atmosphere at Brandenburger Tor and headed to Potsdamer Platz. By the time we saw the next junction we were freezing and therefore decided to have a quick stop at Starbucks to refill our energy storages (no excuses for a hot Gingerbread Latte!!! :))

Reichstag with balloons

Reichstag with balloons

At the end we made several kilometers with a good speed and finished the 15k successfully. We had lots of fun, giggled a lot, enjoyed the historic scenery and had a easy workout.

Click here for more information about the fall of the wall.

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